It is a propitious and resplendent opportunity for me to communicate the epistle of contrivance and efficacy of our monumental and glorious educational institution SSVM,College Square, Cuttack which has been shining gloriously in the educational revolution of modern era providing requisite techniques to the students for shaping their future potentialities by the help of our highly experienced teaching faculties.  On the other hand the vigorous managing committee is always watching vigilantly almost all the sides time to time to make all the braches work dynamically and diligently.  Above all our Managing Committee is always alert in keeping the watchful activities to provide all the infrastructures and to review academic development time to time to make educational system well developed and excercise persuasively.

Last but not the least, I would like to feel gratitude and pray Almighty God to bless this sanctimonious institution for ever to spread its fragrance in education all over the world.  Wishing all the best ........