SSVM School Managing Committee is an apex regulatory and administrative and advisory body, which keeps its vigilant eyes at a stretch over years to overview all the sections connected to infrastructures and academy putting special emphasis for improving teaching skills to bring out coveted outcome not only for HSC Exam but also from the grassroot level.  It is a never ending endeavour to make it an overwhelming everlasting Institution in the epoch of educational revolution.  The current team of office bearers under the active and fruitful guidance of our acting President, Shri Brajendra Kumar Roy and abled leadership of our Secretary Shri Soumya Ranjan Mishra is streamlining the administration by decentralization.  Regular meeting of office bearers bring out suitable decisions taken by consensus emanating from objective and unprejudiced considerations.  It is the continuous strive of MC to modernize the system facilitating compatible working environment.  Work efficiency is mobilised by providing field of art, computers and other modern office appliances.

We hope that the destiny of SSVM, College Square, Cuttack will ever shine in the succeeding days to come.